Composite material antenna system

The objective of the project is to study the problem of the insertion of antenna functions into a structure made of composite materials.

Projet en cours

Porteur du projet DCNS Research Nantes
Partenaires industriels Thales Communications, Plastima Composites, BMTI
Partenaires recherche CEMCAT, CERPEM, IETR
Budget 3 879 K€
Cofinanceur publics FUI (Single Interministerial Fund) and regional authorities
Année de labellisation 2009
Année de cofinancement 2009 – Joint Certification by Pôle EMC2

Naval or land vehicles communicate increasingly. The objective of the project is to study the problem of inserting antenna functionality into a composite structure in two ways:

  • Creation of a composite structure with antenna functionality (use of meta-materials)
  • Integration of multiple antennas onto a single wall of composite material.

This study is used to initiate a technological breakthrough for antenna devices and their integration as well as optimizing the antenna architecture systems. 

Ultimately, it will create a composite demonstration model of significant size, integrating multiple antennas. 

The target markets are both civilian and military and the consortium partners are recognized in their field of expertise and their market segment.