Digital and Robotic transformation axis

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More and more data are being collected through using sensors (optics, radars, lidars, etc.) through different vectors (satellites, buoys, floats, profilers, etc.) and require the development of data storage and access infrastructures as well as appropriate processing tools.  The considerable amount of data collected is possible thanks to the various means of communication (iridium, LoRa, WiFi, LiFi, acoustic communication, etc.) which make it possible to have a data flow adapted to the applications (air, land, underwater) and according to the type of data collected. The advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) also promotes data feedback and contributes significantly to extending the spectrum of digital use within the various maritime sectors.


Service robotics allows man to extend his action in so-called "difficult" environments, which are sometimes inaccessible to him, to deploy his capacities and to increase his productivity. Whether it is for Defence applications with submarine mine warfare or special forces projection, for civil security applications with surveillance and protection of sensitive sites (port areas, power generation sites), for inspection, maintenance, repair of marine and submarine energy infrastructure, for monitoring, data collection and cleaning of marine protected areas or for the coastal environment, all strategic business areas are concerned.


Closely linked, digital technology and robotics are playing an increasingly important role in innovative projects and their development is strongly supported within national strategies. As a result, the Mediterranean Sea Pole has developed a digital and robotic transformation axis that is transversal to the existing strategic actions area in order to increase synergies between the actors of the different maritime sectors.


The challenges of the digital and robotic transformation axis are as follows:

  • Observation and monitoring of the environmental status
  • Optimization of massive data processing (software, calculation methods, etc.)
  • Monitoring of sensitive environments (ports, protected marine areas, EEZs) and inaccessible environments.
  • Security and safety (port and shipboard)
  • Cybersecurity

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