Ecological transition axis

Illustration axe transition écologique


The national strategy 2015-2020 for the ecological transition to sustainable development is a ministerial document for planning and commitment to a new economic and social model of sustainable development. It renews the way we consume, produce, work and live together in response to major environmental changes, such as climate change, resource rarity, accelerated biodiversity loss and increasing environmental health risks.  Sea competitiveness clusters are directly concerned by the nature and weight of maritime and coastal economic activities, in all fields and throughout the value chain.


The ecological transition axis is based on five contributing objectives of a new economic and social model:

  • Promote environmental and participatory democracy.
  • Evaluate and integrate the environmental performance of maritime activities.
  • Promote eco-construction, greenhouse gas reduction and low carbon.
  • Develop the circular economy and green eco-sectors.
  • Reduce the environmental footprint on resources and preserve biodiversity

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