Creation of a marine spawning and hatchery unit

The BIOMARINE project involves the creation of a spawning and hatchery unit to control high quality livestock and establish total traceability.

Projet en recherche de financement

Projet affilié à:
Porteur du projet Cannes aquaculture
Partenaires industriels Bio Aquaculture, SE EMM
Partenaires recherche Ifremer
Budget 1 500 K€
Année de labellisation 2007

BIOMARINE aims to be the first French organic marine small-fry fish hatchery.

This will be the only hatchery in France capable of producing three fish species: sea bass, sea bream and meagre.

At the same time BIOMARINE will continue the Research and Development efforts initiated by Cannes Aquaculture in partnership with Ifremer into new species: yellowtail.

The main innovation of this project is to design the missing link in organic aquaculture production, a hatchery, where there are not yet any specifications stipulated.