Projet en cours

Projet affilié à:
Partenaires industriels ABYSSNAUT
Partenaires recherche Cisteme, Supmeca/Lissma
Budget 262 K€
Cofinanceur publics Self-funded project
Année de labellisation 2008
Année de cofinancement 2008

The Zeest 5 project, aims to measure physicochemical parameters (dissolved oxygen, ammonia, nitrates, conductivity, pH, temperature and turbidity) in fish farm cages, the data is transmitted in real time (via GPRS or radio). The floats are not affected by temperature changes or collisions. The project develops one or more measuring points on the surface and at depth. Floats are resistant to 10 bars of pressure and their strength is only limited by the strength of the sensors. Measurements are collected, merged and transmitted in real time. In case of drifting of the parameters, an alarm can be transmitted via GPS, SMS etc. to the farm operator.