Control and Integrated Management of Coastal Fisheries with the creation of a marine platform in Corsica

Projet en cours

Projet affilié à:
Porteur du projet Université de Corse
Partenaires industriels CRPMEM, Syndicat des Aquaculteurs corses "Mare E Stagni Corsi"
Partenaires recherche STARESO, Banyuls Oceanology Observatory, University of Crête, HCMR, University of Barcelona, USTV, University of Genoa
Budget 7 200 K€
Cofinanceur publics State, FEDER, CORSICAN regional authorities
Année de labellisation 2009
Année de cofinancement 2009

This project aims to put in place the means (through the creation of an offshore platform) and the methods (scientific, economic, environmental, educational, training, technology transfer, research) needed for the management and sustainable management of Corsica’s coastal and fishery resources to: reduce the dilapidation of resources and habitats, protect the fragile ecosystems and tackle the loss of biodiversity, to ensure the restoration of fisheries to an optimum level and ensure sustainable production, and develop Corsican coastal breeding species through the new production techniques of fish farming.

The specific objective concerns the promotion of sustainable development for traditional artisanal sea fishing alongside fish farming through the planning and concerted local co-management of fishery resources along the Corsican coastal ecosystems.