Committee for training in naval services

Projet terminé

Projet affilié à:
Porteur du projet DCNS
Partenaires industriels DCNS, CNIM, Cegelec, ORTEC
Partenaires recherche UIMM
Budget 347 K€
Cofinanceur publics Project co-financed by apprenticeship tax
Année de labellisation 2006
Année de cofinancement 2006

This project aims to create specific training in the skills needed for operational maintenance of ships and naval equipment. It has led to the creation of several types of training:

  • CQPM (professional qualifications) shipyard welder, shipbuilding and repair worker, ship mechanic, ship repair industrial pipe fitter
  • Professional Licences: industrial product manager, head of computer-aided mechanical design creation
  • Bac Pro apprenticeship : BAC Pro TCI (boiler)