Computer Assisted Visual Inspection

Projet affilié à:
Porteur du projet DCNS Services Toulon
Partenaires industriels Sofresud
Partenaires recherche Supmeca
Budget 1 104 K€
Cofinanceur publics FUI (Single Interministerial Fund) & PACA regional authorities
Année de labellisation 2007
Année de cofinancement 2008

Aimed at monitors and experts, CVAO is developing a solution for reliable visual inspection checks by providing reliable data acquisition, suitable for sharing, transmitting electronically, processing and storing in order to both monitor changes in the state of the structure between two inspections and to identify problems and preserve evidence. In this way it can overcome the risk of feedback errors, difficulties in reliable and accurate location, the subjectivity of identifying of defects or significant processing time to establish an inspection record statement. CVAO offers innovative software tools operating on a tablet PC that allow simultaneous consideration of various data to develop a wealth of information for operators and experts. As such, CVAO is a tool to assist the inspector in the preparation and management of the inspection operation (availability of plans for the structure, control range, digital camera, 2D depiction, etc.). In addition, the results are entered directly by the inspector onto CAD drawings, and a remote expert can access all of the data.