On board system for the capture and conversion of wave energy

Projet en recherche de financement

Projet affilié à:
Porteur du projet STR Europe
Partenaires industriels ACRI In, Chantier Dubourdieu
Partenaires recherche Polytech Nice
Budget 1 800 K€
Année de labellisation 2012


The objective of the SERCEV project is to study, model, quantify, and incorporate a system to capture renewable energy generated by waves on a ship in a marine environment and to convert it into usable energy both for propulsion and other requirements on the basis of specific operating criteria.

The SERCEV project will focus on the possible integration of such a device for capturing wave energy on both existing vessels (retrofit) and new vessels for different categories of boats (different profiles). A prototype and a model of these devices will be made in order to assess the benefits and the potential.