Marine Station for the observation of marine vertebrates and their environment

Projet en cours

Porteur du projet Biotope
Partenaires recherche Ifremer, IRD
Budget 2 700 K€
Cofinanceur publics FUI (Single Interministerial Fund) , OSEO, Languedoc-Roussillon regional authorities
Année de labellisation 2010
Année de cofinancement 2011

The SIMEO project aims to design and implement the first prototype of a range of marine stations associated with new services based on the analysis of unpublished data sets about marine vertebrates and their environment. This project involves the combination of advanced measuring instruments on a single buoy; radar, sonar, video, sound and weather measurements, tidal current measurements, as well as probes to analyse the water (temperature, salinity, etc...).

SIMEO will collect basic information on various species. The station will include an anchoring system adapted to the diversity of the site, character of the seabed (sand, rocks ...), currents, waves, and will consist of three parts: Aerial, Central and Underwater. SIMEO be self-sufficient in energy and ensure the transmission of the data collected back to the land without the scientists having to move offshore to the station.

At the same time, business applications with powerful added value will be developed to obtain relevant data which is immediately useful as decision support tools for impact studies, surveillance and monitoring of Marine Protected Areas.