Blue biotechnologies

New applications for marine biological resources Thanks to the extraction of molecules from its biodiversity, the sea constitutes a tremendous reservoir favourable for the sustainable supply to man of multiple compounds for medical use, cosmetics, nutrition and even energies, i.e. marine and environmental biotechnologies.

A scientific area of operation linked to industrial applications

Marine and environmental biotechnologies primarily concern fundamental research in molecular biology and genetics as well as research related to molecules of therapeutic or industrial interest (cosmetics, nutrition and
pharmacology …). In the future, this research is expected to lead to related applications: eg. nanotechnologies, bio-fuels, CO2 capture.

Technological innovation faces challenges

The keys to innovation are based on :

  • Fundamental research in biology, chemistry, physics, genetics, modelling…
  • Industrial biotechnologies
  • The harvesting of marine species in hostile environment
  • The capture and biological sequestration of CO2.

Strategic challenges include :

  • Therapeutic interests
  • Innovation in mass consumption industrial sectors
  • Safeguarding marine biodiversity.

Medium-term market potentials

Market potentials can be found on the medium-and long-term and can be expected to be significant and especially diversified throughout the world, in major industrial sectors: pharmacology, nutraceutics, cosmetology, human and animal food, energy and environment.

Territorial resources and assets

The regional economic fabric is still low as compared to the potential for industrial undertakings in the future, and it is located on the different scientific expertise basins. The PACA, Languedoc-Roussillon and Corsica Regions benefit in fact of leading laboratories in the area of marine biodiversity and active principles : Oceanographic Observatory of Villefranche-sur-Mer, Arago in Banyuls, Oceanologic Centre of Marseille, USTV, Ifremer in Sète, …Pôle Mer PACA has reinforced regional expertise through partnerships on complementary competences.

Les projets les plus récents

Etat du projet : En recherche de financement En cours Terminé


Porteur du projet : MICROPHYT


Porteur du projet : LOV - Observatoire Océanologique de Villefranche


Porteur du projet : FERMENTALG


Porteur du projet : Microphyt


Porteur du projet : UMPC - LBBM

Rapid Automated analysis of pathogens Vibrio in seawater by molecular Sensors Analyse rapide et automatisée de Vibrio pathogènes dans l'eau de mer à l'aide de capteurs moléculaire


Porteur du projet : Inria

Serre de production de microalgues installée au laboratoire d’Océanographie de Villefranche-sur-Mer (LOV) permettant de sélectionner les photons d’intérêt pour les microalgues


Porteur du projet : SAE - IRD Systématique, adaptation, évolution - Centre Polynésien de Recherche sur la Biodiversité Insulaire - IRD


Porteur du projet : INRA