Commercial vessel position reporting network for large cetaceans

This project aims to develop a new addition to the navigation system of the merchant navy to limit the risks of collision between large cetaceans and large vessels.

The REPCET project is based on a collaborative process: every sighting of cetaceans by a ship is transmitted by whatever communication method is on board (Internet, Inmarsat,…) to a central server. These positions are automatically plotted and then sent out to ships subscribing to the service. In this way commercial maritime traffic is both «supplier» and «end user» of the system which gives real-time positions of the detected whales along navigation routes.

As part of the proposed function, detections will be made visually. The system design will provide for future integration with an acoustic detection system. REPCET will be tested in the Pelagos Sanctuary area where it joins a series of works and measures aimed at reducing the risk of collisions.

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Souffleurs d'Ecume, Laboratoire Environnement Marin Littoral/UNS
396 K€
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FUI (French Interministerial Single Fund) and Regional Authorities
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