Optimized operation of ships

This project is to develop a decision support tool for the operation of ships in order to reduce energy consumption and atmospheric emissions.

This will:

  • Perform actual measurements in different configurations in order to precisely evaluate the energy consumption points and actual emissions associated by integrating the operational practices of the crews
  • Define an environmental and energy performance simulator for the ship which can be used for the purpose of optimizing the design
  • Define, design and implement a decision support system for crews and ship owners to measure energy consumption and atmospheric emissions but offering in real-time, depending on the mission, ways of optimizing emissions

Porteur du projet
Partenaires industriels
Bureau Veritas, ALTEP, STX, Sherpa, Sirehna
Partenaires recherche
ECN, Supmeca
2 160 K€
Cofinanceurs publics
FUI (Single Interministerial Fund), Bretagne, Pays-de-Loire, PACA regional authorities
Année de labellisation
2009 - Joint Certification by Pôles Mer Bretagne & EMC2
Année de cofinancement