CARPP : growing red seaweed while monitoring its reproduction

On the coast of the Manche, the red algae Palmaria palmata, which is highly sought after by several different industries, is an integral part of the restructuration project of its production channels.

On the Channel coasts, amongst the macro algae naturally rich in polysaccharides, proteins, pigments and other high industrial interest substances, the red seaweed “Palmaria palmate” is one of the most sought after, mainly as food, cosmetics and even for its pharmaceutical usage. However, its rarity and the seasonality of harvesting, makes this algae difficult to integrate into industrial products or processes.The CARPP project is aimed at elaborating a growing protocol for the “Palmaria palmate”. What is at stake here is controlling its reproduction cycle to be able to offer human and animal food, as well as cosmetics industrialists, throughout the year, high quality algae. Structuring of this channel will permit monitoring of production in function of market needs , This study focuses on the monitoring of the various stages of maturation, growth and reproduction of « Palmaria palmata » and on the necessary growing techniques in a basin and in maritime environment. The project holder is La Belle Fermanvillaise, a business specialized in the production, maturing and the sale of high-quality oysters.