Cooperation beefed-up on Mediterranean risks

The PACA Marine Cluster is participating in the organization of a major symposium to be held in January 2010 in the Toulon area aimed at shared management and consultations in the field of risks in the Mediterranean.

This seminar organized under the auspices of the Mediterranean Foundation of Strategic Studies and the French Society of Maritime History and entitled « Cooperation for risk management in the Mediterranean, yesterday and today », is to be held in Toulon on 20 and 21 January 2010, and will be attended by major actors in the area of risk management from the neighbouring countries of the Mediterranean.
The main goal of this seminar is to elaborate action orientations and plans to enable countries bordering on the Mediterranean to jointly manage common risks in a spirit of consultation and cooperation.An analysis of the specific nature of the risks that have emerged in the past in the maritime area provides the basis for reflections.
More specifically, risks analyzed include: risks related to the maritime environment, risks related to illicit trafficking, portuary and coastal risks and risks linked to navigation.In collaboration with the French Sea Institute and with the support of the Inter-ministerial Mission of the Union for the Mediterranean, the PACA Marine Cluster has committed itself to the organization of this seminar and is strongly encouraging all of its members to attend in order to shed light on their competencies in the area of risks related to the sea and shores.