Deep water is under control with the Cluster

Accredited at the end of 2008, this final documentation of the «Centre for Deep Water Expertise and Trials» platform project will be submitted to the General Directorate for Competitiveness, Industry and Services (DGCIS) by the end of 2009.

The Centre for Deep Water Expertise and Trials (CEEMP) is planning to set up two underwater stations equipped with power and data transfer umbilical cables at 1300 and 2400 meters in depth. These stations will enable the fine-tuning of local R and D projects in terms of qualification and aging trials, validate equipment, systems and procedures for offshore oil and mineral markets, deep scientific observatories and renewable marine energies.The PACA Marine Cluster will finalise studies related to the definition of this platform funded by the Caisse des Dépôts et des Consignations and the Var Department, which will permit it to submit a complete file before the end of the year. The future operating structure of the CEEMP will guarantee the accessibility of underwater stations for SMEs and other research laboratories of the PACA Marine Cluster.The Centre for Deep Water Expertise and Trials will contribute as much as the PACA Marine Cluster to gain a foothold in the region as well as to its international reputation.