Energy in action

With the recent signature of a cooperation agreement, the Capénergies and PACA Marine Clusters have set their respective work priorities.

On 23 June 2008, two key priorities for cooperation in the renewable energy sector were defined during the first meeting of the Capénergies and the PACA Marine Clusters common Working Group.The first priority area will involve the production of energy from marine origin, from swell, currents and thermal winds due to seas and oceans. The second priority area will address the use of renewable energies, which could be alternative or complementary to the use of fossil energies, mainly for naval and/or coastal applications. These renewable energies include: fuel cells, photovoltaic energy and marine bio fuels. Optimization of energy consumption will also be dealt with.About twenty participants, representatives of the clusters’ management and members of these clusters, in attendance at this first meeting, highlighted the need to have all of the «professional sectors» available, in marine engineering as well as energy engineering, in order to ensure completion of the projects and their competitiveness.