FUI and ANR: convincing results

The outcome of the 6th call for Single Inter-ministerial Fund (FUI) projects has been officially announced: six projects accredited by the PACA Marine Cluster have been earmarked for co-funding.

This summer, the PACA Marine Cluster showed a successful track record in response to the Single Inter-ministerial Fund’s (FUI) 6th call for projects: six out of the seven projects submitted have been selected for co-funding. The RandD budget for all six projects amounts to 24.7M€ including 8 to 9 M€ that will be co-funded by the State and territorial authorities of the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur Region.In addition to high quality projects and the support of the consortium, this favourable outcome has been made possible thanks to the efficient Regional Office for Industry, Research and Environment (DRIRE) network and the Ministry of Defence’s Central Services. Local authorities from the PACA Region in particular have also greatly supported these efforts.Moreover, six accredited projects from the PACA Marine Cluster have been selected by the French Research Agency (ANR) to be included in its 2008 work program.Today, funding has already been assured for 61 out of the 92 projects accredited by the PACA Marine Cluster.

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6 projects (24.7ME), co-funded by the Single Inter-Ministerial Fund (FUI) 

  • CVAO: detection and localization of defects and cracks on metal structures
  • BMCI: monitoring the operating status of naval equipment
  • RATCOM (with Risk and Secured Communication Solutions –SCS- clusters): Tsunami and coastal risk warning system
  • SOS STABILITE (with the Brittany Marine Cluster): improvement of the safety of small vessels
  • INFOCEAN (with the Aeronautics, Space and Embedded Systems – AESE - cluster): ocean monitoring and forecast
  • APACHE (with Pégase and Capénergies clusters): development of electrical energy modules and fuel cells

6 projects (14.4ME) selected by the French Research Agency (ANR) 

  • ACIPENSEXE: identification of the sex of sturgeons/ University of the South, Toulon and Var (USTV) and EB2M laboratory
  • ALGOMIX: conversion and storage of energy from micro seaweeds/ CEA Cadarache
  • AMPED: management of high economic value migratory marine species/ IRD Sète
  • OSIOFOST: simulation of underwater optical images in turbid environment/ IFREMER project holder
  • TAMARIS: processing and authentication of threats and risks coming from the sea/ DCNS SIS project holder
  • SYMBIOSE: biological production of energy through coupling between micro seaweeds and anaerobic bacteria
    NASKEO Environnement  project holder