For a reinforced strategy

The PACA Marine Cluster seeks to broaden its efforts in maritime safety and security and is calling on key actors in this area to participate in strategic reflection.

This summer, the PACA Marine Cluster has launched a call for ideas in order to identify the expectations of local actors involved in maritime safety and security, for mutually beneficial projects and platforms they would be interested in participating in.Going beyond its initial strategy, the Marine Cluster is seeking to reinforce and to strengthen its capability to meet future challenges and to maintain its key role in these areas at regional, national and international levels.The management of the PACA Marine Cluster is therefore conferring with its members, businesses and research and training centres. The goal is to pool the maximum number of ideas, by 5 September, for potentially viable, projects. A work-oriented seminar will be held on 30 September to examine the ideas submitted.This collective reflection will be instrumental in reinforcing strategic maritime safety and security action.For further information in this regard, please contact Eveline Spina at +33 (0)4 94 03 89 62.