Managing the consequences of climate change

The PACA Marine Cluster presented to the Region a project aimed at monitoring climate change effects on the coastal area.

The EROSCOTE project has been recently submitted, following the invitation to tender of the PACA Region. It meets adaptation requirements resulting of climate change. The entire Mediterranean coastal area is concerned, from sea-level rise to increase of swells in open sea.
Authorities and associated contracting bodies working in urban or natural areas are already sensitive to these risks. They all require an analytical methodology and the appropriate predictive tools.
The challenge for the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur Region is to master the global situation, for its own coastal area, but also for the benefit of other coastal Mediterranean regions (in France and abroad).
Thus, involved companies and laboratories (OCEANIDE, GLOBOCEAN, CEREGE, CETE Méditerranée, CETMEF and USTV/LEPI/LSEET) are to become a reference with public and private contractors.