Mediterranean ambitions for a Technology Research Institute

As part of the Investments for the Future programme, the PACA Marine Cluster has approved an initial project for a Mediterranean Technology Research Institute (IMRT) based in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region.

Working from its two strategic themes, “Safety and Security” and “Sustainable Development”, the PACA Marine Cluster has responded to the call for IRT projects by the French National Research Agency (ANR) last November with a proposal for a future Mediterranean Technology Research Institute (IMRT). The IMRT would provide observation, modelling, simulation and forecasting services for maritime industries, coastal urban areas, transport systems and the living world. The project would be based on an extensive main site in Nice/Sophia-Antipolis, the Toulon metropolitan area, and a secondary site in Brest.The scientific work of the IMRT, based on data acquisition, modelling and simulation, would target four areas of practical interest: risk prevention, marine and coastal surveillance and protection, management of information and data flows, and the simulation of natural phenomena and modelling of complex biological systems. The IMRT project was approved by the PACA Marine Cluster on Friday 21st January 2011, and also has approval from five other clusters - SCS, Mer Bretagne, Pégase, Risques and PASS – plus the support of Optitec and Eurobiomed.