Operational phase in full swing for the Ocean Round Table (Grenelle of the Sea)

Less than six months after the issue of Blue Book Commitments of the Ocean Round Table, the PACA Marine Cluster is already playing an active role in related operational Working Groups.

Following constructive round tables held in the summer of 2009, the Grenelle of the Sea has now entered into the operational phase and therefore the setting up of Missions, Working Groups and Operational Committees.
The aim of these bodies is not to call for a debate on the commitments laid down in the Blue Book, but rather to define modalities to ensure the implementation of these commitments.Key thematic areas, among others, tackled by the PACA Marine Cluster include the "Operational Committee for the Vessel of the Future» presided by Jean-Marie POIMBOEUF, President of GICAN; the « Operational Research and Innovation Committee» presided by Françoise GAIL, Head of the Institute of Ecology and Environment of the French National Centre for Scientific Research (INEE of CNRS), but also marine energies, the merchant port of the future, dredged sediments, etc.… These activities are being undertaken in perfect coordination with the Brittany Marine Cluster.

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