Project for maritime traffic monitoring completed

With the completion of the SCANMARIS projet, DCNS and its partners have a highly effective operational tool and ideal development conditions, ready for fuelling new projects.

The assessment meeting for the SCANMARIS project was held on 18 January, at the CROSS-Med of La Garde (83) between PACA Marine Cluster partners (DCNS project holder, ARMINES-CRC, IRIT, ONERA, SOFRESUD, CDMT and ECOMER) and the "System concepts and Tools for Global Security" ANR Program manager. As a new system for maritime traffic monitoring, SCANMARIS enables the detection of abnormal behaviours (displacements and other activities) of vessels.Considerable work has been undertaken in the framework of SCANMARIS for the elaboration of rules on dubious behaviours and for self-learning purposes. A demonstrator integrating a classification database was set up at the CROSS-MED.The SCANMARIS project has already been documented in nine publications and project findings will be integrated into Research and Development TAMARIS, SISMARIS projects carried out as well as into the European I2C project.