The extension of the Marine Cluster

To the borders of the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur Region, the PACA Marine Cluster adds new competences

Banyuls Oceanologic Observatory (OOB), member of the PACA Marine Cluster since January 2008, hosted the engineering team on 22 April. Established in Banyuls since 1882, the OOB has been conducting research, observation, training and exchange actions, especially with the industrial sector.
Amongst its thematics are the impact study of biological processes on major biogeochemical cycles, the monitoring of cellular development and regulation and that of biological rhythm, the environmental physiology and genomic diversity.
The primary cooperative actions with the PACA Marine Cluster concern training and projects with the National Research Agency (ANR). This collaboration will enable the Marine Cluster to participate in the Users' Committee of the Mediterranean Ocean Observation multi-Sites on Environment (MOOSE).