Two Clusters in synergy

Capénergies and the PACA Marine clusters signed a cooperation agreement to optimize their action in common project areas.

Since 2005, Capenergies and the PACA Marine Competitivity clusters have adopted a number of measures to promote efforts towards regional industrialists and researchers. Today, they are joining their forces to undertake common projects: the Euro-Mediterranean opening, overseas French Departments and Territories (DOM-COM), peripheral maritime regions and marine renewable energies are at the top of the agenda for their new, shared roadmap.
As Bernard Sans, President of the PACA Marine Cluster, puts it: «Cooperation with Capénergies through common projects will reinforce the capacity of our region to position itself in new technological sectors and in new markets».
«The main purpose of this agreement is to establish regular and well-structured work relations between Capénergies, the PACA Marine Cluster and their respective members in order to facilitate the identification, elaboration, funding and management of concrete and innovative programs or projects», adds Serge Durand, President of Capénergies.