Water, a true euro Mediterranean challenge

This past 29 and 30 October in Barcelona, the PACA Marine Cluster participated in the 10th meeting of euro-Mediterranean businesses dedicated to water management.

Organised by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) of Barcelona, the CCI of Marseille Provence, the Centre for Innovation and for the Technological Development of SME/SMIs of Southern Italy and the Italian CCI for France, this 1Oth meeting of Euro-Mediterranean topics focused on water management. Round tables and individual meetings during the two day meeting, enabled participants to exchange information in four major thematic areas: water purification and treatment, desalination, harnessing and distribution, water management in coastal areas and water in the service of energy. Veolia Environmental Research and Innovation intervened both as an expert and as a PACA Marine Cluster representative on the subject of water management in coastal areas.This mission has enabled the Cluster to foster contact with the key euro-Mediterranean actors:

  • Catalan Water Partnership (Spain),
  • Afak Control Center (Algeria),
  • HP Morocco,
  • IES ESMEA (France),
  • SEAAL (Algeria),
  • Antares Développement (Tunisia),
  • Latium Vetiver (Italy),
  • Progress (Algeria),
  • Krystal (Tunisia),
  • Azud (Spain)

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